Why Use Us

"7 Reasons to use Wholistic Financial Solutions for the 'Whole' of your Financial Needs"

Reason #1 We’re a One-Stop-Shop – You’ll get Everything Under One Roof

At Wholistic Financial Solutions, (which includes WFS Canberra, Wholistic Property Solutions, Wholistic Property Investing Pty Ltd and Wholistic Financial Coaching) you’ll find everything you need –

  • Tax Accountant
  • Financial Advisors
  • SMSF Specialist
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Mortgage Broker
  • Life and Financial Coach

You’ll get the right advice – not contradicting advice – because we have no competing interests. Whether it be property, share investing or superannuation - we can advise.  We are not limited, nor guided by where our commissions are coming from.  We’re all in this together and we all complement each other professionally. You’ll be the winner because you’ll get advice that is not contradictory as we advise across all professional fields and the convenience of all the best qualified support you’ll need.

Reason #2 We’re a Local Company with Local Advice for Local Investors

You’ll get the best local advice from Wholistic Financial Solutions because we’re a local company with local knowledge – not some fly-by-night interstate set-up that won’t give you the follow-up service you deserve. With them, any problems – and they’re gone!

But you can walk straight in our doors right off the street and our long-term local staff will be more than happy to help in any way they can. We’re here for the long haul!

Reason #3 We Give Professional, Qualified Service so You’ll Have Peace of Mind

You can come to us with your property investment, tax and superannuation needs confidently, knowing that you’ll be dealing with fully qualified professionals. In a sometimes unregulated, sometimes unprofessional arena, you can rest assured that Wholistic Financial Solutions is always professional, qualified and licensed. We’ll give you the experienced and expert advice you’ve been looking for. You’ll find people with solid, stable reputations eager to pass on their hard-earned knowledge to you.

Reason #4 We Walk our Talk – You’ll Benefit from our Passion for Property Investing

With over 25-years experience in property investment, tax, insurance and superannuation and 90% of our staff active investors themselves, we can’t help being passionate about our work. We’re constantly researching the market aiming to build our own property investment and superannuation portfolios. Because we’re on top of the market, you’ll get up-to-date advice – quality advice – experienced advice.

We won’t recommend anything for you that we wouldn’t do for ourselves. When we have found a particular bank, product or strategy to be very good, and we are recommending our clients to use it, you’ll find that we are using it ourselves. Because it’s a good, sound recommendation. It’s good business.

The property investment and superannuation market can be a confusing place. Because we’ve all made our mistakes during the early years of our investing and learnt from them – sometimes the hard way – we know how to help you avoid those same mistakes. Our goal is to make sure you don’t land in those pitfalls. You’ll be able to sleep at night knowing you’ve done your due diligence by using our expertise.

Reason #5 Relationships – You’ll Enjoy Long-Term Support

For some advisors, it’s a one-off thing – a ‘one-night stand’.  For us, it’s a long-term relationship. Our aim is to build a rapport with our clients, get to know their individual situations and have them trust us.

At Wholistic Financial Solutions we like to review our clients every 6–12 months at least. We’re very keen for them to contact us if they have any queries. Sometimes it’s a pleasant round of coffees and chat, sometimes phone calls and emails (promptly responded to) but it’s always constant communication. We are all moving down that investment path together.

Reason #6 Trustworthiness – We’re Bound by Ethics and Standards

Let's face it... it's your money. You have a right to be concerned about the ethics of your financial advisors.Being a members of  NTAA, MFAA, FBAA, PIAA, COSL, SPAA, and being registered Accountants, Financial Planners, Property Advisors, Mortgage and Insurance Brokers we are bound by extremely strong ethical and regulatory standards. So what does this means to you? It means that you can trust us. And you can trust our advice.

The average advisors may not have a regulatory body watching what he or she does and in the event of something going wrong, the client has no other fall-back other than a very expensive lawsuit. However, if a client has any issue with us at Wholistic Financial Solutions, they can complain to all of the above bodies. So we’re very accountable. Our advice has to be good or we risk being struck off those panels. We can happily say that we have not had one complaint to any of those societies.

Reason #7 We Have Innovative Strategies so You’ll Always be Kept Up-to-Date

We can keep you up-to-date because we are required to keep ourselves updated. Because we are registered with so many societies and licensed by so many bodies, we are constantly carrying out professional development to maintain our qualifications and our licenses. We spend many hours every year on qualification improvement and in doing so, discover new trends and innovations.

And Wholistic Financial Solution's ‘multi-discipline’ approach gives us a unique advantage. We’ve been able to put all the various financial tactics from different sources together and come up with some very, very innovative strategies that will give our clients the edge in a competitive market.

As a client, you’ll always be kept up-to-date with new law changes. You’ll benefit from our excellent educational service where we provide regular information in the form of webinars, newsletters, seminars and social events. All these things tend to connect like-minded people – it’s a big social network. It’s a way for people to come together and talk about their different aims and strategies.