Does property appeal to you as a wealth creation vehicle?

Have you heard great success stories you would like to emulate but don’t know where to start?

Do you currently hold some property but it isn’t really returning the profits you thought it would?

Are you keen to make sure you avoid the BIG mistakes others have made in the property market?


Property has been one of the most consistent investment performers in Australia for many decades. It is a popular choice because property can be a far more straightforward investment than other strategies. While the benefits are numerous, there are some significant pitfalls for investors who are not properly guided through the process by an expert.

Catherine Smith is an experienced and a passionate property investor. She purchased her first property before turning 18 years old. Over the last 20 years she has bought and sold more than 20 properties. Catherine’s has held both residential and commercial properties in ACT, NSW, Queensland and Victoria. Her aim is to retire on the NSW Coast and live entirely from the capital growth of her property portfolio.

As an investor herself, and having helped many hundreds of clients through the property maze, Catherine knows the tips and tricks to successful property investment and will steer you past the not-so-obvious pitfalls.

Can you imagine how satisfying it will be to have a property portfolio generating you income while you live the comfortable lifestyle you know you can have?

Having financial security will find you walking differently, talking differently, feeling more relaxed and enjoying your life with ease.

When is NOW a good time to change your life for the better?

With over 20 years professional experience in accounting, taxation, business, self-managed superannuation funds, finance and property investment, Catherine Smith of Wholistic Financial Solutions will help clarify your current financial position, create your tailored plan for the future and set you well on the path to property wealth.

What does your 12 month Wholistic Wealth Through Property Package include?

Your Plan – Implement – Review Strategy Session with Catherine Smith will be face-to-face, on Skype or over the phone depending on your location and availability. Your session will range from 90 mins to two hours. It will be entirely tailored to your individual situation. In this session Catherine will get you clear about the best financial strategy for you and create a plan to get you started!

Valued at $1,100


Catherine’s Unique Property Portfolio Plan: A step-by-step plan outlining how many properties you can buy, how to buy them, how to structure the finance for tax purposes and the actual out of pocket investment per week for your portfolio!

Valued at $750


Follow Up & Review Session: Catherine wants to ensure you take action and get results. This session is all about discussing progress so far and implementing the steps necessary to maximize traction to maximize your outcomes.

Valued at $1,100


Follow Up Communication: Catherine Smith doesn’t prescribe to the ‘set and forget’ method of coaching. This package is designed to give you the support you need to achieve your goals. As such, you can contact Catherine by phone or email during business hours to ask questions and get the education you need to make great decisions. Please note: questions are limited to 10 mins each. Complex questions requiring research will incur Catherine’s usual fees for service

If you don’t require any questions to be answered, Catherine will follow up with you monthly to ensure you are progressing nicely towards achieving your goals.



Annual Review of the Property Plan: Each year you invest in Wholistic Wealth Through Property package, you will receive a complete reanalysis of your property plan with detailed steps to achieve the outcomes you desire.

Valued at $750


Online Property Education Library: Knowledge is power. The more knowledge you have the greater level of property success you will have. In addition to Catherine’s personal coaching in the specific area of property investment, you will also receive the following online property education resources created by Catherine. You can learn in your own time, in your own home, and at your own pace.

Module 1: Property Versus Shares Versus Superannuation – Which Is Best?

Module 2: Why Property And How To Grow A Portfolio

Module 3: Property Investment Strategies – Beginners To Advanced

Module 4: Structures For Property – Companies, Trusts, Self Managed Super Funds, Joint Ventures. The Pros And Cons Of Each And What To Use When

Module 5: Finance Strategies; How To Structure The Finance For Tax Minimisation; Innovative Finance Strategies; Getting Started With No Cash and Borrowing More When The Banks Say ‘NO!’

Module 6: Tax And Rental Properties

Module 7: Tax And Property Development, Tax And Renovating For Profit.

Module 8: Ownership Structures – Using Companies, Trusts, Superannuation Funds To Buy Property – When, How And Why?

Module 9: Positive Or Negative Gearing? Positive Or Negative Cash Flow? What Does This Mean And Which Is Best For You?

Module 10: How I Built A Property Portfolio Of Ten Properties And A Passive Cash Flow Of Over $50,000 with only $10,000 – With Little Risk – And How You Can Too!

Each video is approximately 45 minutes in duration and valued at $775 per module.

Total value for the Online Education Library $7,750.


Property Suburb Profile Reports: Up to five reports per month are available to you with in-depth information and demographics which are invaluable to the serious property investor.

Each report is valued at $150, totaling a maximum value of $9,000 over the 12 month package.

Property Valuation Reports: A great deal of house price information is available free online. These Property Valuation Reports give you the edge because they detail information not easily accessed online.

Each report is valued at $150. An average of two reports per month are requested by investors totaling an average value of $3,600.


Property Assessment For Selected Properties: This provides you with a complete financial report on a selected property including your monthly costs and income.

Each assessment is valued at $110. An average of two assessments per month are requested by investors totaling an average value of $2,640.


Rental Property Worksheet: Catherine has created a worksheet to make calculating income and expenses for your rental properties a cinch!

Valued at $250


‘In The Know’ Opportunities: As a member of Catherine’s coaching clientele, you will receive invitations to developer information sessions and field trips both interstate and overseas. Catherine is frequently contacted by industry people who are looking to sell ‘red hot’ properties. She passes on only the best of the best of these opportunities. You will also receive a monthly newsletter containing property education, research and special offers including Wholistic Financial Solutions property information evenings.



The Wholistic Wealth Through Property Package is valued up to $24,300.

Today’s price is $6,997


or 12 monthly installments of $647


Wholistic Wealth Through Business Package

Your Plan-Implement-Review Strategy Session

Draft Business Plan

Business Structure & Tax Planning

Follow Up & Review Session

Cash Flow Forecasting Session

Follow Up Communication

Online Business Education Library

Business Cash Flow Forecasting

Pearls of Wisdom


Catherine Smith
B.A. Comm., M. Tax, N.T.A.A., Dip (FP), Dip (MB), Dip (RE), J.P.
Accredited Property Investment Advisor (PIPA), Recognised Tax Specialist, Registered Tax Agent and Public Practicing Accountant.

“I qualified as an Accountant in 1992. I recall lining up for my degree thinking to myself ‘why did I study Accounting – I would have preferred to do Psychology’. I wanted to be in a professional that involved helping people and didn’t see how crunching numbers fit in with that desire. However, I continued with study in financial areas including a Masters Degree in Taxation, a Diploma of Financial Planning, a Diploma of Finance, a Diploma of Real Estate and a Diploma of Property Advice. During this time I worked for the Australian Taxation Office as an Auditor and Fraud Investigator for 11 years before opening my own practice in 2002.

I completed extensive personal development courses including Crossroads I & II, Being Empowered through Service Training (BEST) and Beyond the Edge (BTE). I then went onto complete the Christopher Howard Academy of Wealth & Achievement which was focussed on qualifying to be a Results Coach, NLP practitioner and Presenter. Combining all of the above financial and personal development courses together I guess I can be best described as a ‘Wholistic Financial Coach’. My passion is assisting clients create wealth and protect wealth for their future and future generations. This passion is displayed through my ‘Wholistic’ approach to financial advising.”